Preemptive Cyber Security Service

Dark web monitoring, user training and phish simulations.

Your IT infrastructure is vulnerable. We’re all used to the reactive measures that get put into place as a matter of course, such as antivirus, firewalls, patch management policies and general due diligence.

To best explain, if you think of your IT infrastructure (and business) as if it were your house, then the above would be burglar alarms, locks and video cameras. Dark web monitoring would be like having your ear to the ground to know when nasties are planning a break in to your house, when your keys have been copied at the local locksmith or the house is under surveillance.

Knowing when accounts have been compromised or are being traded on the underground can be immensely useful. Not only for your own benefit, but could be required for security certifications and/or conditions for cyber insurance.

Download a single PDF summary of our service here.

Starting pricing is as follows :

(per user monthly) for domain and more than 200 user please get in touch.

24/7 Continuous Dark Web Monitoring-SaaS Alerting Platform

User security awareness training and testing

Phishing Simulation & Reporting