The sales process at Lorica follows a set procedure. At some point in the process, any supply of goods or services to a client needs the client to agree and authorise.

For small purchase, this may be confirmation verbally or by email.

For anything substantial, we will submit a pricing proposal to a suitably authorised member of staff at the client by Adobe sign. This is legally binding and upon completion the supply will proceed.

NOTE : We endeavour to anticipate your requirements given the information you have supplied or allowed us access to. When you receive the pricing proposal you must ensure it meets your requirements as a signature will declare this. Any questions, doubts or concerns and you should get in touch and let us know.

What is a pricing proposal?

Lorica can generally either quote you a price, or estimate the work involved to achieve an objective that you require. We combine these into a Pricing Proposal. This will consist of several groups of line items.

  • One off items
  • Regular items – these will be charged on a recurring basis.
  • Optional items – you need to decide to include or exclude these. If we’re offering them, it’s because our understanding of your situation makes them recommended.

Where items are estimated this will be clearly stated. We may specify the process should this be underestimated, such as confirmation from the client outside a set limit. Please ensure you understand this before you sign.

The process

You’ll receive an email from Adobe Sign and it will look something like this.

You’ll need to click on the “Review and sign” blue button in this to open up the agreement in your web browser to proceed.

IMPORANT : If you’re not completely sure the email is genuine, please do NOT click on anything. As a guide, hover over the button and make sure that the address that it will take you to, which will appear in a pop up without you clicking, has both “https” at the beginning and “” included.

The Pricing Proposal will open in your default browser. Please refer to the numbered items below for a description of each component.

Project Pricing Proposals

For complex and/or extensive projects or large jobs, we will supply a full specification separate from the pricing proposal. This enables the pricing proposal to remain concise and easy to understand.

Proposal Components.

  1. Document number for reference in any communications relevant to the proposal. Default payment terms for Lorica are COD/CWO for ad-hoc clients and 30 days credit for contract clients. This should be stated here. If you can’t meet the payment terms, please do not sign.
  2. A link to the page you are on now!
  3. Section containing items for which you will be invoiced monthly.
  4. Section listing items that will be supplied once to meet the requirement of the job in hand.
  5. Optional items – be sure to uncheck any that you don’t require. Do note that as this is a static document the total will not change but you will only be charged for items that you have authorised.
  6. Here is where you sign to agree.
  7. This is the list of things you are stating you have checked and acknowledge are correct. Please take the time to go through them before signing.
  8. If your company’s purchase procedure involves the issuance of purchase order numbers please enter this here.
  9. Our terms and conditions.

More details

The document you are signing is encrypted and the links that may be present next to each item on the proposal won’t work. If you would like to access these please request that we email you an accessible copy of the PDF.