Use our cost calculator here to get a rough idea of monthly costs.

Note that there are factors that could influence the final total that we’d need to discuss. All prices are VAT exclusive. We are VAT registered so it will be added on the invoice.

Refer to our support contract categories.

Monthly Support Costs.

Network Equipment
Network Switch/Hub
Local Printer
Network Printer/MFP
Full time user
Part time user


Labour Rates.

Remote Technician
Site Technician
Remote Consultancy
Site Consultancy

Contract Client Rate

Ad-hoc Client Rate

Monthly Services/Hosting

RMM Agent (included in support contract)
Email Security layer
SaaS Backup
Productivity User Training Package
Security User Training and Testing (Premium)
=Endpoint Protection (Basic Antivirus)
Endpoint Protection (EDR – Enhanced Detection and Recover)
Endpoint Protection (XDR – Extended Detection and Recovery)
Endpoint Protection (MDR – Managed Detection and Recover)
WordPress Site Hosting
Basic Web Hosting
Dark Web Monitoring (per domain)
Password Manager Business
Password Manager Business Plus
Password Manager Enterprise
Password Manager Enterprise Plus


Annual Services/Hosting

Domain registration (.uk)
Domain registration (.com)
Domain registration (.online)
Domain registration (.shop)
Web hosting (basic)
DNS Hosting
SSL Certificate


Microsoft Licensing

This is listing the licenses that are most applicable to the clients that we serve. Those being SME business with between 1 and 300 employees. It is a very small sample of the possible licenses so please feel free to get in touch if you would like to discuss the options.

There are now options for commitment and billing frequency for each license. Note that billing is in advance so you are invoiced at the end of the month for the following month’s usage.

You can commit to a license on either a “month to month” or an “annual” basis. The monthly option incurrs a 20% premium over the annual.

Our suggestion is to take a core number of licenses for the number of employees you expect to maintain over the next 12 months as annual commitment and then use a few monthly commitment for fluctuations in staffing level.

This gives you three options :

  1. Month to month commitment (M-pcm)
  2. Annual commitment billed monthly (A-pcm)
  3. Annual commitment billed annually (A-annual)

So, you need to decide if you want annual or monthly commitment.

If the later then choose (M2M) and you’ll be invoiced each month and can cancel at the end of any month.

If you are happy to commit for a year decide if you want to pay monthly or once up front for the year. It’s the same amount; just a matter of cash flow and 12 or 1 lot of invoice(s) and admin.

Microsoft 365 Business Basic (M-pcm)
Microsoft 365 Business Basic (A-pcm)
Microsoft 365 Business Basic (A-annual)

Microsoft 365 Business Standard (M-pcm)
Microsoft 365 Business Standard (A-pcm)
Microsoft 365 Business Standard (A-annual)

Microsoft 365 Business Premium (M-pcm)
Microsoft 365 Business Premium (A-pcm)
Microsoft 365 Business Premium (A-annual)