Lorica365 - the service in detail

Our service package broken down into its component parts and details of the deployment process.

A question - which would you rather be?

Manager A - "Our IT supplier are very good. They always get us the cheapest machines and their telephone support is excellent. We call them three or four times a day and each time they usually sort the problem within a couple of hours"

Manager B - "We pay our IT supplier less but seldom need to call them. My staff mostly just get on with their work"

The Deployment and On-going procedure

We'll sit down and look at what's going to fit your requirements. What we'll try and do is work through your business processes with you and see where you can use IT to streamline those. The idea is to save time, increase throughput and therefore efficiency. Then we work with you again to put together a deployment plan followed by the necessary preparation and training, Finally the deployment or migration takes place.

Once everything is in place we enter the on-going support phase. This includes the usual support facilities including helpdesk, monitoring and maintenance. CrucialLy though, and this is the key, we engage your staff in regular training and assessment sessions (brief but immensely beneficial) and your management in regular development and update meetings.

More details

Here's a quick overview. You'll know if it's of interest from this and then you can contact us and we'll take things from there on a personal level.

The basic concept of our service can be summarised with the following bullet points:

  • In warranty, decent spec, regularly replaced hardware
  • Minimum on-premisW equipment
  • Well trained, competent IT literate staff
  • Remote monitoring and regular maintenance
  • Regular strategy meetings
  • Scheduled management reports


Here's the really clever bit. Our support pricing is on a per equipment and per user scale. That means it scales directly with the resources and therefore the return. Furthermore, once your staff complete the training and assessment modules the cost goes DOWN!