Quick Assist on Windows 10

For Windows 10 machines, there is no need to install anything. Just run the Quick Assist program that is included with Windows and enter the code provided to you by a Lorica technician. WARNING : Don’t accept a code from anyone you aren’t 100% sure needs access to your PC.

  • Click the Windows Button (bottom left usually, where the Start button used do be)
  • Start to type “Quick Assist”
  • Click the icon when it appears to start the program as per the image below.
Image result for quick assist

Lorica RMM Agent

PC Version – click here

Apple Mac version – click here

Click one of  the links above when advised by a Lorica technician.
You will need to download and run the program.

Lorica Contract Clients.

Please visit the following URL to access our support site, with knowledge-base articles, training content and other resources. You’ll need to login with your Office 365 credentials.


(The helpline phone number can be found on the support site)