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Microsoft Licensing Changes

Microsoft are introducing changes to their Microsoft 365 licensing model. They are calling this the New Commerce Experience. In a nutshell, it introduces two changes.

Firstly, a price increase of around 15% (between 8% and 18% depending on the product.

Here’s a quick summary of some of the most popular licenses.

Thankfully, it’s not increased in line with energy prices!

One of the benefits of the monthly per-user licensing that is you can add and remove licences as you need. Your licensing costs are always related to the number of employees. Presumably linked with their value to your business.

Secondly, there are options for reduced pricing with commitments

There will be terms for 12, 24 and 36 months. These will involve payment up front for the licence to cover the term. I can see this being a good option to cover the quantity of licences you know you’ll be using for the period. For example, you fluctuate between 10 and 14 employees over the course of the year so you could have 10 licences on a long term commitment and then add and remove up to a further 4 on a monthly arrangement as you need them.

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