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Long term data archival

Data is such a delicate commodity. Stored on a magnetic hard drive it’s prone to corruption or complete loss from magnetic fields, water or even physical shock. Even on good old fashioned paper it’s susceptible to water, fire and day to day wear and tear.

For protection you need to have redundancy, versioning, duplication and other measures in place.

We consider our solution of Microsoft 365 for your data and a cloud backup service with another company in different data centres is a good compromise between cost and security.

However, sometimes it’s worth having a good archived copy and one of the best media for this is optical.

Verbatim M-Disc BD-R 25GB imprimable 4x boîte de 5 pc(s)

M-Disk is an optical format that is supposed to be good for 1000 years. Not sure how accurate that is, but if we assume it’s good for the next 100 then that’ll cover us until the planet melts anyway.

If you’re interested in having us download a copy of your SharePoint and OneDrive data and burning it to 25GB Bluray M-Disks to be sent to you then get in touch and we’ll see what we can arrange.

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You can then guard your precious in a cave and keep it safe.

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