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Self Service Password Reset on M365

We will be enabling self service password reset on all tenancies in the coming week. This is good for both Lorica and our clients. It means, if you forget your password then you don’t need to raise a ticket for a password reset.

This is now common practice and is completely secure. If you forget your password for your online banking or credit card then you go through the same procedure and there’s no contacting that company’s support department.

What does this mean for you?

If you don’t have enough authentication methods on your account then next time you login you’ll be asked to add one or more.

How does it work?

Just like you’d expect. If you can’t login then you can use the “I’ve forgotten my password” link on the sign in page and just follow along.

While you’re here!

We strongly recommend that you use a password manager. It allows you to use really complex and safe passwords without having to remember them. Any decent password manager will have a browser plugin to enter your username, password and also any TOTP (Time based One Time Passcode – that’s the number that appears on your authenticator app) without you doing anything more than clicking a button.

Our suggestion is that you remember your Microosft365 password, maybe your online banking password and the main password for your password manager (all three should be different). Every other password will be in the password manager. How much less stressful would it be to only have to remember three passwords? And yes, you can have an app on your PC, your tablet and your phone so you always have your passwords with you.

Here’s a video of logging into a website with a TOTP.