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Bells and Whistles

While many get full value from Microsoft 365 just using one, a couple or a few of the features and applications you may be surprised at some of the extra functionality you can make use of.

Many times there’s another, possibly much better, alternative to the Microsoft applications but there are some things to consider.

  1. If it’s available to you with your license, then there are no extra costs.
  2. As part of the Microsoft environment, management, configuration and support are so much simpler and you can call on us.
  3. It’s included in the Microsoft umbrella for compliance and regulation.

So, here are a couple of features you may not know you can use but by raising a ticket with Lorica we can enable them for you.

Outlook Spaces (Project Moca)

Microsoft options for task and project management can be confusing and overwhelming so, just to compound the fact, here’s another. However, it might just be the things you are looking for. It’s not a collaboration tool just yet, but more of a personal utility.

Microsoft description for you.

Yet another Tool? Why you will probably love Project Moca aka Outlook Spaces | Microsoft Docs

Plus email addressing.

Ever thought it would be good to use different email addresses for subscribing to mailing lists or other sites? If not, perhaps you should as you can then automatically delete, filter or file emails arriving to that address. A nice benefit is that if you find you’re receiving unexpected spam or marketing emails the address they are going to would tell you where they got your details from.

Here is the Microsoft page on the feature for your perusal.

Plus Addressing in Exchange Online | Microsoft Docs

Officially known as subaddressing, this standard allows users to extend their email address using “tags” or the plus (+) character, hence its two alternative names of tagged addressing or plus addressing.

For example, a user with the email address of can use the plus addressing feature to extend their email address to

If the user’s email address supports subaddressing, all emails sent to the email will land in the user’s inbox.

The “tag” can be unique, allowing users to generate an infinite amount of custom email addresses, which they can give out to companies in newsletter sign-up forms, contact forms, and other online forms.

Once emails arrive in the user’s inbox, the owner can see which email address the sender used.

If the email arrived from a company called “Home Flower Delivery” but used the email, the email owner can easily determine that Netflix (in this case) has shared his email with another company.