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Ransomware on the rise.

By way of a quick explanation for those that don’t know ransomeware is when a machine or network is breached and rather than the perpetrator using your resources for nefarious ends they will encrypt your files and then hold them to ransom and insist on your paying up a whopping fee.

Like in most scenarios, prevention is better than cure.


The measure for prevention are as follows :

  1. User education – Security training and concrete policies and processes.
  2. Email security – extra layers to keep the nastiness out
  3. Dark Web monitoring – know when your user accounts or networks are being targeted
  4. Central network protection
    1. Firewalls and web protection
    2. External Vulnerability Testing – like an MOT for your network
  5. Cloud security – checking and alerting on unusual activity
  6. Backup – your data can only be held to ransom if you don’t have a backup

Nipping in the bud

Our RMM (Remote Monitoring and Management) solution has a new feature that we can enable at no cost to you. It will detect behaviour and files on a machine indicative of the start of a ransomware attack. When it does, it will lock the machine to prevent further action and then alert us and create a ticket in our support system so we can swoop into action.

How can we help?

If you need to know which preventatives measures you have in place supplied by Lorica, or details of them please do get in touch.

In order to enable the monitoring service please raise a ticket and request this. If you don’t know how to raise a ticket please refer to our support site for details.

Lorica Support Site for clients (login with your Microsoft365 credentials)