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Communicate with your customers

Microsoft has Skype for consumer communications including chat, video and calling. Their business equivalent has morphed from Lync into Skype for Business and now Teams. Previously it was a bit shit but as Teams it is slowly improving and is now pretty shit hot.

The good news

….is that that if you deal directly with consumers who could well have Skype accounts you can now do so from Teams.

You can chat and call. Group chats and other functionality is missing but may arrive with time. That’s a good start and enables you to interact immediately with your customers easily.

But I use Zoom, FaceBook, WhatsApp or others already?

You can use whatever you like. We’ll help as much as we can. Our recommendations are usually the Microsoft option and I’ll post about the reasoning behind this soon. When I do…’ll be on THIS link.

Do you want to use this?

If you’d like this enabled for your tenancy, please raise a ticket and request it.