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Be more vigilant now.

Apologies, this post contains usage of the “C” word.

Hackers are not reasonable people. They will always take the easy target and this includes the vulnerable, the careless and those who have their attention elsewhere.

I would put good money on an email doing the rounds soon, if it isn’t already, with something like “COVID-19 cure found and available by mail order. Follow this link to get your order in first!” Alternatively, the polar opposite and “Death rate soars due to Coronavirus. More details here…..

How many people do you think would click on that without thinking? I bet anyone with 500 rolls of toilet paper stashed in the pantry would do!

Misinformation and fake news is a curse of our time. Recent research shows that for many people one of their most trusted sources of information is their employer. That means you have an obligation to thoroughly check and verify anything you pass on to your staff. Ask them to be even more careful than usual.

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