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Eradicate the security weak link – train your staff

Up to date anti-virus, high level mail filtering and all the other technology measures won’t stop you becoming a victim if your users are easily exploited.

Everybody has a job to do and it doesn’t usually include security training but in today’s environment, it’s a small investment which could save you thousands or even millions of pounds.


We can point you towards plenty of free resources but it’s much more effective if you can delivery an engaging course in short managemable bytes (sic), monitor the progress and then test and measure with short quiz afterwards.

Out Cyber Security course is only 2 hours over 10 modules which means a user could do a couple each week with little impact on their workload.

The modules are :

  • Introduction to Cyber Security
  • Understanding Cyber Threats and Terminology
  • Your Cyber Security Responsibilities
  • Understanding Cyber Essentials
  • Managing Cyber Security on Your Mobile or Tablet
  • Managing Cyber Security in Email
  • Managing Cyber Security Online
  • Understanding Cyber Security and Info Security Legislation
  • Understanding the General Data Protection Regulations
  • Using Public Cloud Storage Platforms

Please get in touch if you’d like more information.