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The tip of the iceberg

Many of our customers have moved over to Office 365 and replaced their on premises server (or downsized it) and gained a whole raft of advantages.

For many, that means they use the email and sometimes file storage and sharing too.

However, there is so much more available and you’re paying for it already.

Let’s consider the Microsoft Bookings service.

If you have customers who book scheduled slots with you for anything, (haircut, test ride, restaurant table, meeting etc) then having them access a professional web interface to book and then receive email updates and notifications, and all that tied in with your calendar and team scheduling, sounds like an attractive proposition to me.

It may well cost you little or nothing too!

There really are many services already included in your Office 365 subscription you may not be aware of. I could list them but probably the best way to move forward, if you really want to make good use of IT, is to contact us and we can discuss your business, the processes in place, and what tools and changes can be used to improve them, save time and money and improve your business.

Would you like to have a chat? OK then, please have a look at our booking system and reserve a slot for a phone discussion.



NOTE : This took 30 minutes from “I think I’ll do that” to up and running.