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Muttley is after your email

20 years ago everyone faxed daily and thought it was brilliant. Getting people to use email was like pulling teeth. These days, I don’t think anyone would argue against the fact that email is vastly superior.

However, truth be told email is well past it’s sell by date now. In some ways, it’s very like the carrier pigeon:

  • You’re never really sure if it’s going to arrive
  • Compared to a man carrying an envelope the carrier pigeon is quick but it’s not really that quick
  • Who knows if it’s taken the best route to the destination
  • You don’t really know if the message has been altered, corrupted or infected on the journey
  • How do you know who really sent it?
  • It’s not really capable of carrying anything of any size
  • It leaves shit everywhere

(OK – that last one’s a bit tentative.)


That’s not to say it doesn’t have its place. But show me carpenter with only one saw and I’ll avoid him when I want a cabinet building thanks.


Yes, we’re all entrenched in using something we are comfortable and familiar with but that doesn’t mean it’s the best option.

There are a multitude of collaboration tools that can be used by company departments, project teams (using both internal and external members), company sites, clubs and so on. If your company has an Office365 tenancy, you’ll have a fair selection available and the mad thing is……you’re paying for them already! It’s a bit like having a Toyota Prius parked next to your V8 Rover P5 and always driving the Rover because that’s what you know and like.

I’ll post again soon with more details for the Office365 tenants on what’s available so watch this space.