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How to spot a phishing email

I know I’m repeating myself here but people keep getting caught out despite all the warnings.

As it can be potentially catastrophic, here it is again.

A frightening proportion of people are very poor with spelling and grammar but that’s OK for most of us. However large financial institutions, and hopefully most professional organisations, try and make the effort to:

  • Provide a consistent corporate identity
  • Spell and use grammar correctly
  • Avoid sending you emails with links to click on that you aren’t expecting

So, check the following email that I received this morning and take notice of the multitude of points that all clearly identify it as being fraudulent.

  1. NatWest wouldn’t use an email address of
  2. “Requirred” with the letter “r” twice? I know some people can’t spell but that’s easy to spot
  3. “Unrecognized” – My account is with NatWest in the UK and they don’t spell with USA spelling (letter “z”).
  4. The link/button to click on – just don’t ever do it!
  5. The link is obviously NOT NatWest when you hover over it.
  6. The general formatting is nothing like the usual emails that I get from NatWest