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Lorica Services Update


Direct Debit Facility

Lorica now have the facility to collect payments by Direct Debit. Customers signing up for this facility will receive an extra 7 days credit (35 days from invoice) and will receive email notification several days in advance of any transaction taking place.

Save us both time and effort by dropping an email to and signing up.


Microsoft Licence billing.

Microsoft is changing their licensing model and Office 365 licensing will now be optionally supplied and invoiced directly by Lorica for our clients. This saves you managing the billing directly with Microsoft and means one monthly invoice from Lorica can include all your IT services.


Office 365 (Hosted Exchange) Signatures


We are now able to provide signatures for all email, whether sent from Outlook, a mobile device or web access, for a low monthly cost with some great functionality. This will ensure standardisation across your company and saving your users the job of designing and maintaining their signatures on several devices. Contact us for more information, pricing or a demo.