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Wot! No Internet?


No Internet connectivity usually means you can’t carry on doing business. If you find yourself with no Internet, then here are some steps to go through before calling in a support ticket and a little bit of an explanation that could help speed along getting things sorted.

Firstly, you will have (usually one) piece of equipment connecting your network to the Internet which we call a router. It’ll have flashing lights on to indicate the status and what’s connected and/or working.

Do you know where this is? You need to be able to locate it and know how to cycle (turn off and then on) the power.

Some of your Internet connection is likely to be copper wire that’s decades old. So, reliability isn’t guaranteed. Therefore, be prepared to power cycle your router to resolve a variety of possible minor transient issues.

Being able to get on the Internet relies on two main services.

  1. The physical and electrical connection through your lines to the exchange and your ISP.
  2. A login by your router to your accounts at your ISP so enabling access to the Internet provision


Most routers will have a set of lights similar to this :

Here’s a brief explanation of what they indicate and what it probably means if they’re not on or maybe flashing red.


  • Power – should be pretty obvious. Has someone unplugged it, has a fuse blown or has the cleaner dislocated the mains plug with the vacuum?
  • Ethernet – this indicates the router’s connection to your internal network. If it’s off, then look for loose cables or problems with your network switch.
  • DSL – this shows the physical and electrical connection to the public network. If it’s off, check with your phone company, ISP (Internet Service Provider) and for loose or disconnected cables.
  • Internet – if DSL is on and this one is off it usually means ISP problems, you’ve not paid the bill your ISP are having problems.


So, if you lose your Internet connection here’s a sequence of actions to follow.

  • Check it’s affecting everyone, if not then you may have a PC issue
  • Check the router has power and is running – make a note of which lights are on and what colour they are.
  • Power cycle the router and wait 10 minutes before checking for a connection
  • Check with your ISP for problems or billing issues.
  • Call in a support ticket to Lorica (email using your phone/tablet/laptop) only if you can get Internet using 3G/4G or another connection.

Remember – if you’re using Office365 then go and find your favourite coffee shop and use their WiFi to carry on working while your competitors are pulling their hair out and losing business.