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Microsoft Accounts

Many people have a facebook account and they know the credentials for that. They may also have a Google account and have credentials for that. Possibly also a Yahoo, Amazon etc. etc.

If you’re one of our Office365 clients you’ll have an Office365 account with credentials which you’ll use for all your work related Microsoft services including email, SharePoint, OneDrive and everything else.

It’s possible you may also have a Microsoft account (previously known as LiveID, this could be a Hotmail address, or

Here’s where it could seem complicated but it’s not really so please bear with me.

You may well have a Microsoft account for your personal use. Possibly another for your work.

Hopefully at some time (see link at the bottom) in the near future Microsoft will allow you to merge your work LiveID and your Office365 accounts (1 and 3 below). That would simplify things.

By way of an example, here’s how I have things set up.

I have three Microsoft ID’s and they are:

  1. My Office365 credentials (known as AzureAD credentials too)
  • Business email
  • SharePoint (companywide files and intranet)
  • OneDrive for Business
  • My page for business stuff
  1. A Microsoft account (previously LiveID) for my personal stuff
  • My Groove music
  • My family (LiveID for my children where I manage their devices, web access, phones and tablets)
  • My private email
  • My personal Microsoft purchases and subscriptions
  • My personal OneDrive storage
  • My page for personal stuff
  1. A Microsoft account (previously LiveID) for my business stuff
  • OneDrive (don’t use this)
  • Email (don’t use this)
  • Registration of company software
  • Microsoft subscriptions and service related to my business


I’d suggest you have suitable login names for each so you don’t get confused. For Fred BLOGGS working for Acme Dynamite Corp this could be :

Here are a couple of Microsoft pages to follow on if you need.

As I have Windows10 and Lorica no longer operate a server as we’re all cloud based now I can actually use my AzureAD credentials to login to my PC)