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118 Costs Just Exploded Again

Many thanks to Magenta Systems for this snippet – you can find it here

Ofcom and BT are introducing 20 new service charge bands in July 2016, SC081 to SC100, for 08/09/118 calls. The new charges mostly fill in gaps in the previous 80 bands, but include some horrible 118 bands, ranging from £8.98 to £15.98 for the first minute, then £4.49 to £7.99 per extra minute. So 118 calls to that last band will cost £96 for 10 minutes, or £16 for a misdialled number. Just because the new charge bands exist does not mean operators will necessarily use them, but most will have been created to meet specific requirements of operators like 118118, who last raised its cost in March to £6.98+£3.49/min (£34 for 10 minutes).


08/09/118 numbers are called Service Numbers. Calls costs to these numbers are comprised of 2 components the access charge set by your telco and the service charge set by the company you are calling. The service charge should be stated on all adverts. The service charges are not well publicised but they are laid out here.

The bands are designated SC01 to SC100 but the latest lists that we have found only go to SC80.

The bands are not only for a service charge, charged by the minute but also include all other combinations including the one 118118 use which is phrased as – “Prices For Calls Charged By Fixed Fee and Timed Duration (Where the Fixed Fee Is the Charge for the First 60 Seconds of the Call, or Part Thereof and the Duration Charge Applies Following the First 60 Seconds).”

Access charges from BT are around 10p per minute additionally and mobile companies charge around 45p per minute.

So for example calls to 118118 cost Calls to 118 118 cost £3.49 per call plus £3.49 per minute, (minimum 60 second charge applies) plus the Access charge.


Both of the following are from the Ofcom for Consumers website here.

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