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O365 – Free Skype Meetings

Firstly, a quick apology to our non-Office365 clients. A large proportion of my posts will be regarding Office 365. That’s because most of our clients are now on the platform and I hope the remainder will follow when the circumstances dictate. In the meantime, look at the post as information on what’s possible with Office 365.

I’ll try and remember to prefix posts as above so you know if they’re immediately relevant to you.

Most Office365 plans will include Skype for Business. You can use it for Instant Messaging internally, externally (try adding me as a contact to test it – see my email footer) and as a phone system. Lorica’s phone has now been ported from an internal 3CX (software PBX) to Skype for Business meaning one less server for us to look after and global mobile access on a variety of devices.

This post is about a recent extra benefit whereby you can use Skype for Business for meeting. Follow the link here to an Office Blogs post with more details.

As usual, contact me if you have any questions.