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Office 365 Profile Picture

Anyone using Facebook is familiar with their profile picture.

You can add one to Office 365 and it will show up in many places including Outlook, Skype, OneDrive and on the portal. It’ll appear to other Office 365 users too and can add a welcome touch to communications making everything a little more personal in our ever more disconnected world.

My own preference is to have a couple of profile images (or avatars) and I use one for my work related accounts and another for my private stuff. It makes it easy to keep things separate. Mine are both fairly casual but you might think it appropriate to have a more formal business-like one for work usage.

Here’s the link from Microsoft’s support site on how to change it:

You can also reach the change picture page directly from Outlook 2016 (if that’s what you’re running) by clicking “File” on the menu and then accessing the change link as shown in the image below.