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Types of Support Tickets

Our support system revolves around a single important concept.

Each issue, problem, request or whatever equates to one ticket. That’s how we track what has been done, what needs to be done, who’s said what to whom and how much time we’ve spent.

So, it’s an important part of our support procedure that you, as the customer, keeps track of the ticket number that relates to your request. It should be on any emails you’ve received relating to the issue and you should ask for it if you call in. We have a supply of post-it notes where you can record a ticket number and details of the issue and stick it on your monitor, laptop or in your wallet or diary.


  • Issue – a single issue that needs to be addressed
  • Problem – A whole group of issues that have their root cause in one problem
  • Service Request – nothing wrong, but a request to do something such as updates or changes